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QAD Arrow Rest Ultra Hunter
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Price: 66 €
Product Code: 111974
Manufacturer Code: 111974-1000
Availability: Available in 10 working days
Κατασκευαστής: QAD
Country: USA
Handness: RH, LH
Χρώμα: Μαύρο
This rest is for the hunter looking for a quality drop-away arrow rest, in a price range that won’t bust your wallet.

Key features:

Total arrow containment
Convenient thumbwheel
Noise-reducing laser-cut felt
Horizontal and overdraw adjustments
Precision CNC aluminium, stainless steel, and delrin components
Available in right and left hand
Colours: Black


Total Arrow Containment CAPTURE – 80°
When nocking an arrow, cock the Ultra HUnter into the arrow capture position via the thumbwheel and then forget it. Once the arrow is loaded it will keep it silent and fully contained. Now you can focus on that life-time shot instead of worrying about the arrow.

Always Ready To Shoot Full Draw – 90°
The Ultra Hunter knows to drop-away only when the bow is fired, not at slow let-down. If you draw back and can’t get that 'perfect shot', let down, and the launcher remains in the capture position, keeping your arrow fully contained.

Total Fletching Clearance Drop Away – 0°
When the bow is fired, the launcher drops away. VDT, using speed and timing, not inertia, passes the capture position and continues to the drop away position. This guarantees total fletching clearance and the most accurate shot possible.

No serving or bow press is required for setup with this clamp. The clamp is small, light, and simple to use. It is also stronger and more durable than ever before. Simple setup, whether in the shop or in the field.
Κωδικός Προϊόν Τιμή Καλάθι
Availability: Available in 10 working days
66 €
Availability: Available in 10 working days
66 €


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